flabelos toning plate

Available in – Whitstable Only

Flabelos is the ultimate whole body vibration work out machine. Now you can shake your way to a better body! If you want to feel better, look better and achieve a better body then the Flabelos machine is for you. The principle of body vibration is based on your body’s muscle response to shaking whereby you literally shake off your excessive weight, by speeding up your metabolism, burning calories faster while strengthening and toning all in 10 minutes a day. Flabelos for a total body work out that shakes you into becoming slimmer, fitter and healthier.

Flabelos Benefits

– Lose inches
– Build muscle tone
– Improves balance, flexibility and circulation
– Increases muscle strength
– Increases Oxygen supply to the red blood cells, enhancing muscle endurance
– Stimulates the release of growth hormone helping to fight Cellulite
– Promote circulation helping to improve varicose veins
– Stimulates core muscle groups
– Relieves back and groin pain
– Anti-ageing
– Burns fat


Q: How does Flabelos reduce fat?

A: Whole body muscle movement requires more energy therefore more fat will be converted into energy. Exercise involving vibration in vertical direction increases greater calorie consumption than regular aerobic exercise.

Q: How often do I need to use it?

A: We suggest that you buy courses as this works out cheaper for you, you can then come as often as you like. We recommend that if you are committed to dropping a dress size then you really need to come every day for at least a month and then at least 4 times a week to tone up. Depending on the results that you want to gain will depend on the length of your initial work out period. Everybody is unique therefore every flabelos routine is unique to you.

  • Single Session – 4.00 / Course of 4 10.00 / Course of 20 30.00
  • Unlimited monthly use (max 2 per day)45.00